The Company

Koala Energy started its activities in 2002, with the manufacturing of wooden frames to serve the North American market. Looking for innovation, technology and sustainability, the company decided to invest on the wood biomass business, starting the international market focused production in 2005.

Currently, the Koala Energy is expert on the wood Pellets production and also of equipments powered by this biofuel, such as heat exchangers and fireplaces. The international and nacional market are serviced by the company, highlighting the European.

The production is fully automated and the Koala Energy provides international quality machinery, adopting the stricter quality standards demanded by the international certifications.

The company is located in Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina, and own a 35 000 m² factory for production, storage and logistics of the products.


Be recognized worldwide as reference on the production and commercialization of Pellet.


Develop competitive solutions for the production and commercialization of Pellet.