The same importance of care at the time of fabrication, need to be applied to the products after ready, during storage and transportation. For that reason, the wood Pellets and the equipments produced by Koala Energy, are driven to the destination in an appropriate and safe manner. The logistics is particular and outsourced, done quickly, safely and economically.

Koala Energy has vertical logistics throughout the entire production, since the raw material to transport ports. All the products recieve the proper packaging to prevent damage from occurring. Larger equipments are transported by exclusive trucks with dedicated freight and smaller products are shipped on pallets with fractional freights.

Truck with hydraulic arm unloading cargo container
White batch goods loaded on a truck inside the warehouse

Because of all those reasons, when purchasing heat exchangers, fireplaces or wood Pellets, the customer will have the guarantee and the certainty that will receive the product in its entirety, safely and on time.

Koala Energy values quality and customer satisfaction and delivers orders to all cities in Brazil, always accompanied by the invoice.

White batch goods loaded on a truck inside the warehouse
Overhead crane loading the truck with white batches of cargo